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Travel video about destination Lalibela in Ethiopia.
In the mountainous highlands of Ethiopia lies an extraordinary treasure of the history of mankind, the eleven rock churches of Lalibela. In the thirteenth century the famous Amhara sovereign, King Lalibela, decided to establish a new Jerusalem in his kingdom. Unique in their construction, the rock churches are among the most little-known miracles of the world, well disguised in the red tuff rock. The world redeemer church of the House Of The Holy Saviour is situated at the highest point of the steep Lasta Mountains. The interior of the Rock Church looks like a fully furnished basilica with a narthex, nave, two aisles and a dome above the sanctuary. Paintings of biblical motifs and stone ornaments adorn both columns and walls. The external pathways are narrow and difficult to negotiate and in each small niche live priests and monks who tend to the churches. The various caves and chapels each have a name such as Adam’s Tomb and other biblical names. According to legend, to replace the exhausted stonemasons, God Himself sent hard working angels to continue the work throughout the night, thus helping to create the new Jerusalem in Lalibela!

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