Emperor Haile Selassie Enters Addis Ababa (1941) - የግርማዊ ቀዳማዊ ሐይለስላሴ ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ አዲስ አበባ ሲገቡ


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Emperor Haile Selassie Enters Addis Ababa (1941) - የግርማዊ ቀዳማዊ ሐይለስላሴ ለመጀመሪያ ጊዜ አዲስ አበባ ሲገቡ 

First Pictures\".

Abyssinia (aka Ethiopia).

Various shots of jubilant Ethiopians in the streets of Addis Ababa. M/S of Selassie leaving his car and being greeted by his subjects. Various shots of Emperor Haile Selassie as he goes to the Cathedral of St George for a thanksgiving service, good C/Us of armed tribesmen who are in the crowd. Good shots of the procession to the Palace with the Emperor seated in an open car. Various shots of Selassie with Lieutenant General Cunningham arriving at the Palace. C/U of Selassie speaking to a vast crowd from the balcony of the Palace, pan to a C/U of his son Duke of Harar who stands beside his father. C/U of Selassie seated at his desk in the Palace.

Note: Haile Selassie returned to Addis Ababa on Monday may 5th 1941, so finishing the five year Italian rule of Ethiopia.
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