Feriha - Part 6 (ፈሪሓ) Kana TV Drama


His name is Feriha Koydum, a 2011 love, drama series of Show TV, starring Uğur Rivet, Hazal Kaya, Çağatay Ulusoy and Metin Çekmez.


In the second season of the episode, the leading actor, Vicin Rivet, had breast cancer due to the Vicin Rivet stalled for a long time. The player defeats the disease. [1]


The actor was found to have breast cancer in Deniz Uğur. [2] But the player has been taking a very short break.


At the end of the second season, the lead actor Hazal Kaya, whose contract expired, had to leave and the character of the series was killed in the season finale. In the same way, he had to leave the Knight in Rivendell.


The devastation of Rivals and Hazal Rock and the other events that have taken place have kept the agenda busy for a long time. Many players, such as Ceyda Ateş and Baris Kılıç, have also left the assistant players in the second season of the series. After these separations Çağatay Ulusoy continued solo and his name Feriha Koydum was finished. The series continued on screen with Emir's Road name. Metin Çekmez, Deniz Uğur, Murat Onuk, Neşem Akhan, Sedef Şahin and Onay Kaya were separated in this series. Zeynep Çamcı, Beril Kayar, Gizem Karaca, Furkan Andıç and Uğur Karabulut have joined the list instead. Beril Kayar then left the line. Due to low ratings, the series was removed from the broadcast. The filming of the series was done at Beykent University, in the studio and at the Etiler Aksoy Apartman.

Feriha - ፈሪሓ
FerihaFeriha - Part 6 (ፈሪሓ) Kana TV Drama