Harar (Ethiopia) Vacation Travel Video Guide - ስለውብትዋ ሃረር የሚዘግብ ለቱሪስቶች የተዘጋጀ ቪድዮ


ውብትዋ ሃረር 

Travel video about destination Harar in Ethiopia.
In the east of Ethiopia is the historic city of Harar which, after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem, is regarded by Muslims to be the fourth holiest city in the world. The whole of the old town is surrounded by a wall, with five of the original gates that are kept shut from dusk to dawn. In the highlands of Black Africa, Harar was one of the most important trading centres of the Islamic faith, a Muslim stronghold in Christian Ethiopia.The magic of the Orient still exists in this place and its many whitewashed buildings gave it the alternative name of The White City. Today there is no hint of the former religious conflict of bygone days and instead the peaceful coexistence of religions is exemplary. Indeed, UNESCO recognized it for peace, tolerance and solidarity. Framed by white buildings and a white mosque, the muslim market is one of two small markets within the walls of the old town in which colourfully dressed women sell fruit, baskets and other goods, both day and night. Harar is a remarkable city with all of the atmosphere of the One Hundred And One Nights!

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