የተባረከ ልጅ የእናቱን የቤት እዳ ከፍሎ እናቱን ምስራች ስያሰማት! Ethiopian Son Surprises His Mother By Paying Off Her Mor




Hi, my name is Aba Atlas. I made this video on april 30th which also coincides with my birthday. I had a long description before giving details about my life and my motivation that being said I decided to take it down because honestly those details dont really matter. I haven't read every comment but im both grateful and awed by the response. You know when you put religion, intentions, money, age, ethnicity, sex aside and you really look at what this video is about you might come to realize that its about one thing. Love, showing your appreciate for that bond by helping someone you care about find their smile. The rest is minor details, the focus has always been and always will be, for me at least... Love.Stay positive, keep hope alive and stay blessed. Pce.Hey for all those asking about contact info because i've seen it a few times in the comments you can find me at.Gmail: