Chalachew Ashenafi - Neyelegn Nafkote "ነይልኝ ናፍቆቴ" (Amharic)


Singer and masinqo (one-string fiddle) player Chalachew Ashenafi was born 41 years ago in Debre Tabor, close to the city of Gondar in Ethiopia where most of the famous Azmaris originate from. He has played in Europe before, for the Ethiopian communities in Italy and Germany, but this will be his first time playing in front of a European audience. With the The Ililta Band, in traditional line-up, he joins forces with krar player Mesele Asmamaw and kebero (traditional drum) player Asnake Gebreyes. Both are well-known musicians from the Mohammed Jimmy Mohammed trio, who made a big impact in Europe until the untimely death of Jimmy in December 2006.