Chef Yohanis ሼፍ ዮሃንስ : Fusion Cuisine With The Italian Ambassador, H.E Giuseppe Mistretta


Chef Yohanis ሼፍ ዮሃንስ : "ድብልቅ ምግብ" ....ከአምባሳደር ጁሰፔ ሚስትሬታ ጋር

This Culture inspired recipe uses the traditional Mont Blanc recipe as a base for an interpretation with Ethiopian Identity products and unique taste from Axum. the meal is prepared by Chef Yohanis along with H.E (Italian Ambassador to Ethiopia) Giuseppe Mistretta.
check out how the chestnut cream is subtly replaced by teff spiced with nigger powder and homemade Date-Orange marmelade.

Discover what the champion of the base recipe, H.E Ambassador Giuseppe Mistretta, has to say about the taste and culture blend of the spagetthi shaped dessert recipe!