Ethiopian jawbone fossil pushes back human origins

원숭이에서 인류로...잃어버린 진화 고리 찾았다


And finally... scientists say a jawbone fossil discovered by a graduate student in Ethiopia... could belong to a early species that led to modern humans in the evolutionary process.
And what′s interesting about this find... is that it′s estimated to be 400-thousand years older than a specimen previously believed to be the oldest in the homo lineage.
Kim Hyun-bin has the details.
A 2-point-8 million year old jawbone fossil with five teeth intact has been unearthed in an Ethiopian desert.
The discovery is evidence that early humans roamed the earth half-a-million years before what was previously thought.
Scientists say the fossil represents the oldest known specimen of the human genus homo and appears to be in the earliest stages of the human lineage.
"It′s important because it is transitional between Australopithecus species, it has some of those characteristics and of later homo species and so we can follow evolution more closely because of it."
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The jawbone was found near the location of where the remains of one of the most famous human ancestor fossils Lucy was found.
""We can see how evolution works by having some of the older characteristics of Lucy′s species plus the new characteristics of the homo species in this mandible."
The anatomy of this discovery is seen to have a close relationship with later homo species as it encompasses the left side of the jaw.
It has features including tooth shape and jaw proportions that separates the homo lineage species from the more ape like Australopithecus.
Kim Hyun-bin, Arirang News.