How to make Doro Wet "የዶሮ ወጥ አሠራር"

My daughter and I making an Ethiopian dish.The traditional Ethiopian dish preparation of Doro Wot begins with chopping onions and slowly cooking them, without any Kibbeh or oil , in a dry skillet or pot until much of the onion\'s water(moisture) has gone away. Olive oil and kibbeh(Ethiopian butter) is then added,often in quantities that might seem excessive by modern Western standards. The onions,olive oil, korerima(spice), kibbeh(butter),black pepper, and berbera(Ethiopian hot spice) are then sauteed before the addition of the chicken and eggs. The cooking process takes about 3-5 hours or more. It takes so long, because the end result is DELICIOUS. Doro Wot ዶሮ ወጥ is traditionally eaten with Injera, a spongy flat bread made from the millet-like grain known as teff.