How To Make Fantastic Injera Start To Finish


This is a tutorial for the entire process I use to make injera. After a lot of trial and error, learning from other videos and websites, and talking with multiple Ethiopians I've come up with a process that I'm very happy with and produces fantastic results.

A few tips to go along with this tutorial:

* The grill is a Bethany Housewares Lefse grill. The best place to buy it is usually target:

* The lid for the grill is just a cheap 16" aluminum pizza pan with a drawer knob put on it

* Teff flour is much cheaper if you buy it in bulk. It's usually several dollars a pound if you buy it at a health food store but I can buy it locally at a Mediterranean grocery store in 25lb bags for about $43. You can buy it online at

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Enjoy and please let me know if this was helpful!