Mignot - Part 1 (ምኞት) Kana TV Drama


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The world, which has lost her mother, lives with her father Veli who is a taxi driver in one of the edge districts of Istanbul. Moses, who lived in the same neighborhood, and Ismail, a veterinary graduate but unable to find a job, are close friends and both are in love with the world. Moses, who married Earth with his dominant character, became an alcohol addict and a bad wife over time. In the meantime, the world begins to feel something against Ismail. "A Love Story" starts at the Haydarpasa train station where the world is taken to prison and Ismail comes to give him a farewell, and "flashback" is the return of the Earth's marriage. The critics will focus on the prolific Gummy and the playful character of the playful hero. They connect together to Istanbul to find the perfect happiness. Istanbul also protects lovers and new friends at different occasions.

Mignot - Part 1 (ምኞት) Kana TV Drama