የሞዴሊንግ ኢንዱስትሪ በኢትዮጵያ እየፋፋ ነው - Modelling Industry Taking Off In Ethiopia


1. Various of female models having make up and hair done
2. Various Yonatan Teferra, male model
3. SOUNDBITE: (Amharic) Yonatan Teferra, Male model :
"The reason I started modelling was because I wanted to get in to acting and movies. I like modelling but the money isn't great. We get paid only between US$35 - $55 for a whole day's work."
4. Various of Dina Fekadu, Model
5. SOUNDBITE: (Amharic) Dina Fekadu, Model :
"I've represented Ethiopia in many beauty competitions abroad, and I find beauty pageants hard because you have to look so good all the time, answer the questions cleverly and be on top of everything. But modelling for catwalks here for example is easy, you just put your make up on and look gorgeous and walk in a nice way."
6. Various of models being photographed in pool
7. SOUNDBITE: (Amharic) Selamawit Adanu, Female model :
"Every morning, when we're getting ready to go to work, everyone tries to make themselves look good. But it's not only here in Addis, but also in the rural areas. Tribal groups also want to make themselves look beautiful and they use their own traditional ways to do it."
8. Various of models being photographed in sauna
9. SOUNDBITE: (Amharic) Tadesse Getachew, Sole Agent for Tylo in Ethiopia :
"The reason we use Ethiopian models to help to sell our products is because the things we sell are linked with health, beauty and fitness and we want to use the model's natural beauty. Ethiopians are very attractive people and so it's natural to use them to advertise these types of products. I want to use my people to advertise instead of foreign models."
10. Various Yodit Mengistu, Manager of the Boston Day Spa Modelling Agency
11. SOUNDBITE: (Amharic) Yodit Mengistu, Manager Boston Day Spa Modelling Agency :
"The agency opened up about a year ago and we have more than 100 men and women on our books. It's actually the only model agency in the whole of the country. The models are used mostly for television adverts, billboards, films and music videos."
12. Various of 'My Fashion' magazine
13. Various of journalist Nolawi Melakedingel
14. SOUNDBITE: (Amharic) Nolawi Melakedingel, 'My Fashion' magazine :
"'My Fashion' is a lifestyle magazine with articles about society, sport and other issues. Since it's distributed throughout the world, we take the opportunity to highlight the beauty of Ethiopians. In the first few pages of the magazine we feature upcoming models, fashion personalities and have a 'faces' of My Fashion segment featuring people who we believe have the potential to achieve success internationally."
15. Various of models in pool
Supermodels around the globe command huge salaries from catwalk shows, advertising and sponsorship deals, plus cover and fashion shoots.
The British supermodel, Kate Moss, according to, earned $8 million (US) in 2005-2006.
But for models in Ethiopia it's a different story.
Men and women, hoping to break into the international market, are often paid just $35 (US) for a day's shoot.
In Ethiopia, one of the world's poorest countries, the life of a model is a good one.
Compared to the majority of people who live on less than US$2 dollars a day, models can earn a good wage, though some still complain it's not enough.
Yonatan Teferra is a male model who says he would like to earn more for a day's work.
22 year old Dina Fekadu, a model and philosophy student in Addis Ababa, has represented Ethiopia in numerous beauty pageants around the globe.
Last year she made it in to the top 20 of the Miss Universe competition and was the only finalist from Africa.
She says modelling at home is easy, but she says she finds the international scene very competitive.
If she's successful, it'll encourage others to do the same.

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