Shinkur Liboch - Part 26


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Shinkur Liboch:

It's a shattered love, it's impossible for them to leave as far as their meet ... A big, shattered love story ...Two people belonging to different worlds are neither able to meet or separate ...Six people crossed in such a way that two roads were never separated by two accidents As they walk on different dreams and lives, their paths will unite and connect to each other forever Gülseren, who is trying to raise a daughter of 14 years in very difficult economic conditions, lives with her eyes. When they try to cope with their 14-year-old enthusiasm to challenge the little world they live in, life is upset. The young woman meets Cihan on a rainy day as a traumatic event as she divorces her husband who left him years ago. Cihan is married and has two children. A good father, a brave businessman, an unhappy man. With two accidents in search of 15 years, the two women will be linked to each other forever, in a way that a man and three children have no expectation of their lives and destinies and can not be overcome. The question in the middle is unanswered, and the solution is impossible. Challenges to making choices, hard decisions, and scattered parents and their own hearts. It has changed for a lifetime and a future.

shinkur liboch part 26