Yebeqel Menged - Part 71 (የበቀል መንገድ) Kana TV Drama


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Yebekel Menged:

Carminha receives the surprise visit of Ivana (Letícia Isnard) and does her usual 'Mexican drama' for her sister-in-law, forcing the bar so she accepts Max back. And it takes heavy to try to find out who is the 'slut' who wants to steal your Typhoon. "You're the sister I've never had!" exclaims Carminha, "if you know, tell me who's the woman who turned my husband's head!", already kneeling on the floor to emphasize the scene. Ivana hesitates, but does not say that all this is 'Rita's fault'! Money is lost on a childish and decadent childhood. A young girl grows up with a new identity and returns to revenge for the woman. Meanwhile, Nina (Rita) comes home and is happy to tell Jorginho (Cauã Reymond), the 'junior sufferer', that her father had finally separated from Carminha. He already knew. And you know why. Not Nina. & quot; He (Typhoon) was very interested in a girl ... was it because of this girl, Jorginho? "asked Nina naively.

Yebeqel Menged - Part 71 (የበቀል መንገድ) Kana TV Dram, Yebeqel Menged - Part 71 (የበቀል መንገድ) Kana TV Dram