Yefikir Neger - Part 19 (የፍቅር ነገር) Kana TV Drama


Yefikir Neger:

"The love thing" is the story of Syloh, who has had the joy and hope of life in the life of the corpse, and has been a good guide to life in Germany.  Seylin is a pretty young woman who has lived her life in Istanbul and has become a fashion designer for her great vocalist. Tolga made love to Shelly, but she did not feel the same for him. It has changed for a lifetime and a future.

A young man stuck in a strange rebellion, a strange man trapped in love ... The poignant story of loneliness, junkies, lovers when they find love .... His name is Korkut Ali ... He is the only young person who speaks positively about the true family of a cameraman on a television program with young people who are adopted abroad in Germany. Until you get back to the land of an unfortunate event, The irresistible mother will have a longing and a love will enter the story of Korkut Ali. A story of a love that is rare even in similar occasions

Yefikir Neger - Part 19 (የፍቅር ነገር) Kana TV Drama